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Welcome! Here you’ll find all the extras you need to supplement your course and certificate.

Whether you need a Reference for your new job or academic application, a replacement certificate or something else, take a look below to order what you need today.

Replacement Certificates for just £4.99 including delivery, or a Letter of Confirmation for £6.99, our team can prepare what you need to email AND post this out to you.

Simply select what you require, and go through to checkout.


Order Your Letter of Study

Confirm your online attendance and student enrolment onto one or all of your courses for £6.99

More Info & Order Now for £6.99


Order Your Professional / Academic Reference

We can provide you with a reference for a job offer, academic application and more.

More Info & Order Now for £10


Order Your Replacement Certificate

We will process and resend your PDF and Hard Copy Certificate to you for £4.99

More Info & Order Now for £4.99


Extend Your Courses at Once

If you have more than one course that you need to extend, save more. We will extend all of your courses for £14.99

More Info & Order Now for £14.99


Order Your Latest Course Upgrade

If your course has recently been updated, you can enjoy all the benefits of the latest upgrade for £14.99 without ordering the full price new course.

More Info & Order Now for £14.99

More Course Extras

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More Course Extras